Acquire New Web Design Clients With This Simple Method

I'm still in the early stages of building my website design brand to a place where it is my primary source of income. 

One of the issues that I've run into is the fact that I spend a disproportionately large amount of time acquiring clients as opposed to actually working with them on their project. I'm not in a place where I can outsource this work yet, which means that I need to employ tactics rather than people to produce results.

Siphoning Brand Loyalty

The focus today is going to be on a tool that Google has recently rolled out called Test My Site and how I use it to acquire clients.

What this tool does is run a website that through a series of tests that measure how well the site operates on tablets and smartphones as well as on desktop. The results look like this:


Straightforward scores are given which measure mobile friendliness, mobile speed, and desktop speed. Google also offers a free report with suggestions on how to fix the most common issues that the diagnostic picked up on.

The problem here is that the vast majority of business owners aren't capable of correcting these errors on their own. They understand that it's important for their business to have a mobile-friendly website, but what are they supposed to do about it? They're busy actually running their business, as they should be. That's where you come in. 

Don't take my word for it. Take Google's.

what does siphoning brand loyalty actually mean? 

Google has a well-established online reputation. If you're on the internet at all, chances are that you're using Google on a regular basis. That includes your potential customers. 

You are siphoning the public's pre-existing brand loyalty from Google to your company by aligning yourself with their tools.

If you are in the early stages of building your web design brand, you're almost certainly looking for ways to get potential clients to trust and respect you. There is no substitute for doing great work, but I understand that sometimes it can seem like a catch-22: no reputation = no new clients, which, still = no reputation. 

Implementing this in your business today.

1. Put it on your website or create a landing page. 

I've dedicated an entire section of my site to demonstrating the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. I've even gone so far as to use the facts provided by Test My Site to convert potential customers.

  • "More of your potential customers will search for your website on their phone than they will on a computer."
  • "People are 5 times more likely to leave a site if it isn't mobile-friendly."
  • "Your current website may be preventing visitors from calling, buying, or learning more about what you offer."

Present your site visitors with the information and tools that enable them to make good decisions about their website. The numbers don't lie. If their site gets a 97/100 mobile-friendliness score, they're probably not a good fit for your service and they'll move along accordingly.

Potential customers who score poorly now have tangible information from a resource that they trust.
Give your visitors the ability to reach out to you for help as soon as they see their score.

You've got a sale to make. 

2. Selective e-mail marketing.

Cold leads are the worst. Why reach out to someone who has an extremely low chance of actually purchasing what you're selling? You should already know that the business or individual you’re reaching out to has a poor mobile site. I have a few techniques in place that I use to assess businesses to ensure that they would be a good fit for my services, but that's a blog for another day. Let's assume you've compiled a list of businesses who 100% need an updated website. 

They may or may not already understand that their website is pretty lousy. Regardless, it's time to make that fact abundantly clear.

Here's a brief e-mail template that you can use to reach out to potential clients.

Hey [name of business owner], 

My name is [Thad] and I'm a website designer. One of the areas that I specialize in is creating websites that look great on smartphones and tablets, as well as on desktop. The fact of the matter is that more of your potential customers will be searching for your website on their phone than they will on a computer.
I took the liberty of running your current site through Google’s mobile-friendliness test. Here’s how you did.

I know. Not great news. BUT let's think of this as an opportunity to improve your website and bring more customers your way. The good news is that I've helped a number of businesses that were in your same situation. You can see all of my previous work here

I would be more than happy to put together a new home page for you free of charge. If you like the way it looks (especially when you pull it up on your phone) then we can talk further about overhauling the rest of your site.

Let me know if updating your website to be super mobile-friendly is something that's been on your mind.

-Thad, the Vagabond

Provide value immediately. 

Right off the bat, I offer to put together a new home page for every potential customer for free. I am confident that the home page I show them will be a significant improvement both functionally and aesthetically from their current site. 

You don’t have to go to this length for every potential customer. Simply making a suggestion on how they or their current webmaster can improve the way their site looks on mobile can engender trust. Keep in mind that I create websites using the SquareSpace platform. Their templates allow me to put a home page together that looks great on desktop and mobile in a matter of minutes.


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