Hey. My name is Thad. Welcome to my blog.

I'll be very honest, that word kinda makes me cringe. But what else am I supposed to call it? Over on my landing page, I'm referring to it as "original content." And that's probably a more accurate description because I'm really not sure what form this will all take.

There will be some traditional blog posts. There will be videos showcasing applications or other tools that I've been digging into. I'll be able to more fully flesh out theories and ideas that I stumble upon, rather than just ranting and/or raving in the general direction of my girlfriend. I'll definitely still do that, too.

A lot of the content will tie into the work I'm doing designing websites for small businesses because that's where a great deal of my attention is focused at the moment. But I'm interested in a wide range of topics and activities, so wherever my head is at will be reflected in the content. 

Bottom line:  

I want to share my ideas with you, whatever they may be.

And whoever you may be. 

I've been looking for a consistent creative outlet. That fact is multiplied by a strong need to develop my personal brand, where work life and personal life are indistinguishable from one another. 

I need to force myself to create. I do some of my best work under pressure, even if that pressure is my own creation. It's a way of holding myself accountable. A good example of this is my belief that I am at my most productive when I follow a strict routine that I physically write down. For instance, the first hour of my day: 

7am: Wake up
7:10-7:20am: Meditate
7:20am: Make Coffee
7:25-7:45am: Read or Free-write
7:45-7:55am: Do push ups/exercise
8am: Shower

Obnoxious and very specific, I know. Now, let's be very clear: I don't follow this routine every day. In fact, most mornings I'm lucky to suck down a cup of instant coffee while I skim through /r/all. A lot of the time I don't even shower. That's real talk. But I'm working on all of it.

The point is that when I do follow the routine, I'm setting myself up to succeed by accomplishing small things at the beginning of the day. Having a list of tasks to complete and checking them off, one by one, puts me in the mindset to continue knocking down more important tasks. 

So this blog, or whatever you want to call it, is an extension of sticking to a routine. Of holding myself accountable. It's time go beyond posting pictures to Instagram. Creating content is going to be an important piece of my business and subsequently of designing the lifestyle that I've envisioned for myself. I'll expand on that subject another time.

Oh, and one last thing:

I'm also going to start sending out a weekly email newsletter. That's the first place that you'll be able to access new blog posts. In addition to being "in-the-know" so to speak, you'll also have access to a lot more cool, personal features from me like Spotify playlists, podcast episode recommendations, book excerpts that strike me, and a lot more. I've got some ideas that I'd like to explore and I think an email newsletter might be a good place for that. 

If you like it, share it with someone else.