The Roundup: April 10, 2017

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup.

This is a place for me to share non-business related thoughts. What I've been reading, listening to, watching, and thinking about over the past week. Enjoy and see you next week.

A Project

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Twitter Bot


I love listening to hip-hop instrumentals while I'm reading, writing, or working. It's relaxing and gets me into a nice, productive groove. I also love sharing music. So I quickly pieced together my new friend, the Lo-fi Hip-Hop-Bot.

Lo-fi Hip-Hop Bot is a Twitter account dedicated to tweeting out new music from this smaller, niche genre. As soon as a new track is uploaded to Soundcloud, the bot tweets out the track name, artist, corresponding artwork, and link to listen to the song. 


How Does it Work?

Step one was to create a new Soundcloud, Twitter, and IFTTT account for the project. 
Step two was to create a few very simple IFTTT recipes, or applets as they're now called. IFTTT is a free service that automatically performs an action based on a triggering action. In this case, the action that IFTTT is performing is the composition & sending of a tweet. There are two main triggers.

  1. An artist that I follow on Soundcloud uploads a new track.

  2. A new track is uploaded to Soundcloud that matches a specific search term [#lofihiphop, #chillhop, etc].

So, if a new track is uploaded by either an artist that I follow on Soundcloud or a new #lofihiphop track is uploaded to Soundcloud, then my Twitter account automatically composes and sends out a tweet.


Cool, Right?

The idea is that if you're into this genre like I am, then you'll want to a) discover new music and new artists that are creating music you might like and b) get a tweet about new uploads from the artists that you already know you like. 

If this takes off and there's any interest generated, I may start branching out and creating a network of similar accounts for various, smaller sub-genres.

Listen to This

Noname on NPR's Tiny Desk series:


Read That

Bill Gurley is a big-time venture capitalist who was interviewed by Jason Calacanis on the most recent installment of his podcast, This Week in Startups. Bill gave his list of quintessential books for entrepreneurs, if you're into that kinda thing.

I've turned that audio into a list with links for you to check out here:

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