Down the Rabbit Hole

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I’m a selfish guy.

I’m also a busy guy  At least that's the story I tell myself.

Understanding those two fundamental things, I tend to think, “what do I need?”—“what would save me time?”

I’m also a curious guy with a lot to learn. Books that have been recommended, topics that were discussed on my favorite podcasts, articles to read, videos to watch later.

But I don’t always have time to carry out the searches necessary to get a good grasp of the concept, to figure out who the most highly respected thought leaders are on the topic, what the best-selling books are, which podcast episodes to listen to.

What do I have time to do? I have the time to jot down a quick note with an idea or a concept or a book title. And that’s about it—at least in that moment.

In that moment, I don’t have time to go further into that memo and fill in the big, blank, white, empty space with content about the topic—in fact, I don’t even know anything about it yet.

We’ve all opened up our Notes app or Evernote or Bear or whatever other productivity hack application is the flavor of the month, hoping that maybe this time it’ll be different.

But different how?

Different in the sense that maybe the next time we open up Evernote our blank spaces will suddenly be full of content for us to consume: podcasts to listen to, explainer videos to watch, subreddits to subscribe to—the stuff we actually want to consume and learn from.

But that never happens.

Our lists overflow, our once neat folder categorization system is bloated with notes containing a title line and a big, blank, white, empty space staring back at us. As if we’re the abyss.

I’m tired of it.

We’ve all been down the internet rabbit hole. We need to investigate something we suddenly find fascinating at 2:30 in the morning when our brain-circus is in full swing. Google searches, subreddit discoveries, YouTube binges, impulsive Amazon purchases, endless app-swapping.

I wish it was all in the same place.

Well, we’re transporting you directly to Wonderland, Alice.

Welcome to the rabbit hole.


Would you use a mobile application that does what you think this app might do?

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